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Acoustic Wave Studio

You are in the hands of years of recording experience at music production, voice-overs, CD projects, TV and Radio Commercials.

We record using a state-of-the-art digital recording studio on an Apple iMac with the industry standard Logic Studio 9 Pro, compatible with other programs such as Protools. 

You get access to our wide range of instrument sounds, sound effects and loops available through live performance and a library including Apple Loops Sound Library. Our studio is well equipped with numerous acoustic and electronic instruments to be able to produce any current sound or even a nostalgic sound you are looking for.

From beginning to end of your project we keep you informed of progress and strive to meet your every need. We help you create the music to express your ideas and to fit your budget.

Our control rooms are spacious, acoustically treated rooms with some of the latest recording technology to help bring your recordings to life

​Studio gear list

• Yamaha upright piano
• Matching pair AKG C414 pre EB series – original ck12 brass ring capsules
• Matching pair Rode NT5
• Matching pair Rode NT1a
• Rode NT4
• AKG D12E
• AKG D202ES [multiple]
• Unbranded PZM mic
• Calrec CC50
• AKG D330BT
• AKG D14S
• Reslo Ribbon mic
• Beyerdynamic M682 x2
• AKG C567E lapel x2
• Sennheiser shotgun mic
• Zoom H4 digital field recorder
• BSS DI AR-133
• Active and passive DI’s
• Large range of headphones, and pop filters
• Assorted microphone stands

​Control Room 1 gear list

• Genelec 1030a monitor speakers
• Mackie 24ch 8 bus desk
• ProTools 002 rack
• Reason 5
• Studer B67 2 track reel to reel
• Fostex D10 DAT master recorder
• JBL M712 compressor
• BBE 362NR
• Tascam tape decks
• Technics direct drive turntables
• Apple Mac

​Control Room 2 gear list

• KRK v8 monitor speakers
• M-Audio Projectmix IO digital audio workstation
• Roland G-70 Keyboard
• Rode NT2A
• Audio Technica AT4033
• Symetrix sx202 dual mic pre
• ProTools mBox
• Logic Studio
• Apple Mac

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